Re-Nūz Skin™

Solution for athletes foot,
skin damage, burns and cuts

Skin Science
The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Although it possesses a layer of dead cells, the skin is much more than a lifeless covering. Within the skin a highly effective barrier known as the natural acid mantle is created. The natural acid mantle of the skin prohibits pathogenic microorganisms from penetrating the skin, aids in skin cell reparation, reduces water loss, and helps protect the skin from exterior damage caused by chemicals agents.

The Natural Acid Mantle

Because of the natural acid mantle, healthy skin is slightly acidic with a pH that averages between 5.4-5.9. Within this range, the skin is colonized by an ecosystem of bacteria and molds that promote healthy skin growth. Disease causing bacteria however, cannot live in this acidic environment. It is within this pH range that the skin creates a natural fungicidal and antibacterial, protecting itself from disease causing bacteria. Within this range the skin is also able to moisturize, hydrate, and repair itself. Whenever the natural acid mantle is disrupted, skin damage occurs.
Athlete Foot and Skin Damage
Sanitation has always been a priority in clinical environments. Currently the only products that are available for hand sanitation are alcohol based. While alcohol is effective in killing disease causing bacteria, it also eliminates the good bacteria and molds that live on the skin. This imbalances the skin’s natural ecosystem of microorganisms and strips away the natural acid mantle. Once this occurs the skin’s pH is disrupted and dermatological problems can arise.
These include:
  • Dried, cracked, damaged skin
  • Rashes,athlete foot,fungi
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Infection

Apart from the skin damage that alcohol causes, there are other disadvantages as well. Since alcohol evaporates quickly there is little residual sanitizing effect. Alcohol also does not kill parasite eggs. Other disadvantages include its flammability and toxic characteristics.
Dermatitis or Diaper Rash

The factors that cause the redness are different and you can combine several of them.

Dermatitis is a common processes with very watery diarrhea or teething, during which, the feces become less homogeneous and contains mucus.

Above all is the direct contact between the skin and the urine and / or feces

This contact and the resulting friction produces a moisture altering the pH of the skin and causes the destruction of its natural defenses.

Also relevant is the lack of ventilation and the friction of the skin and stools in combination with the area covered by the diaper, which causes an increase in humidity and temperature.

Dermatitis or Diaper Rash

Furthermore it may be the presence of soap or detergent residue in the affected area itself. Soaps are generally too aggressive for baby's skin, so it is recommended to use soap for sensitive skin.

Bacteria can cause infection forming pustules in the diaper area and flowing a yellowish liquid. Above all, the fungi can complicate or be responsible for a diaper rash. Foci appear typicaly circular desquamation, foci, which are increased in size.

The Solution

Re-Nūz Skin™, provides assurance and control in the full recovery of this problem. Re-Nūz Skin™ is designed to strengthen the pH level of the skin, causing and immediate relief from the burning and pain and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Re-Nūz Skin™, eliminates bacteria and fungi and allows for faster skin regeneration, resulting in a shorter recovery time. Additionally Re-Nūz Skin™ creates a protective barrier between the skin and the diaper, thereby avoiding the problem again.

Skin Injury and Burns
Health problems caused by a range of factors that are not in our control increase risk of skin lesions.

Cuts, bruises and injuries we cause can become contaminated easily if you do not have the means to care for them safely, efficiently and economically at home.
Skin Injury and Burns
The most common cause for medical consulation is burns, cuts, rashes, seborrheic dermatitis, and the myriad of injuries that occur at home or in any activity outside the home.
There are injuries that alcohol does not solve. Correcting the acid mantel and the natural anti-bacterial barrier of the skin allows for faster regeneration and is more effective skin care.
Skin Care

The Solution

Re-Nūz Skin™, has proved very effective in the management of skin lesions.
The unique components of Re-Nūz Skin™ enable more rapid tissue regeneration and perfect skin.

Re-Nūz Skin™ not only helps correct tissue damage, but prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi, giving the skin the naturally required the elements to allow optimal skin regeneration.
The Re-Nūz Skin™ Solution
Re-Nūz Skin™ was developed over 12 years by a Dr. in the field of Bio-Chemistry. The lead scientist has 6 degrees in various medical fields specializing in dermatology.
Re-Nūz Skin™ is made up of all natural ingredients and DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL. Its primary ingredients are the core of aloe vera, pure honey, and milk.

Restoring The Natural Acid Mantle

Re-Nūz Skin™ is a biological product that works with the cells of the skin to restore the natural acid mantle. By doing so, it helps the skin maintain the proper proper pH and bacterial eco system. In restoring the skin’s natural acid mantle, Re-Nūz Skin™:
  1. Disinfects the skin and acts as a antimicrobial shield with a 4-6 hours residual effect
  2. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  3. Helps repair damaged skin
    • Alleviates and controls eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
    • Helps heal dry, cracked, or rashy skin
    • Alleviates itchy skin
  4. Protects skin from further damage
    • Prevents chemicals from penetrating the skin barrier
Chemical, Herbal, and Biological
Skin care products can be placed into three separate categories: chemical, herbal, and biological.
The difference between these is important to understanding the advantage Re-Nūz Skin™ has over other antimicrobial products.


  • Single function
  • Short term results
  • Effective killing
  • Typically not safe
  • Produces side effects
  • Damages skin cells
  • Strips natural acid mantle
  • Exposes skin to more
    aggressive bacteria


  • Provide single function
  • Short term results
  • Safer than chemical products
  • Can lack strength to achieve
    desired results
  • Limited in function


  • Work with the body’s biology
  • Long lasting results
  • Never damage skin cells
  • Nurtures the good bacteria
    of the skin
  • No side effects
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Biodegradable
Leading sanitizers are chemical, synthetic based products that promote cellular damage, which causes the skin to crack, dry out, break out in rashes, and lead to skin conditions such as eczema. Re-Nūz Skin™ is a biological product that works on a cellular level to restore the natural acid mantle. The restoration of the acidic mantle creates long term skin health. Using Re-Nūz Skin™ drastically improves the skin’s ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms, repair the skin’s cells, and prevent further skin damage from occurring.
The Biological Advantage
Independent lab reports have proven that Re-Nūz Skin™ is effective in killing 99.9% of pathogens, while being gentle, replenishing, and supporting repair of the skin. Re-Nūz Skin™ is a biological product that has a clear advantage over other leading products due to its benefits which include:
  • All natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Non toxic
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Non flammable
  • Restores Proper pH
  • Continuously kills germs
    for 4-6 hours
  • Repairs skin damage
  • Prevents skin damage
  • Helps control eczema
  • Helps control psoriasis
  • Helps control dermatitis
  • Restores natural acid mantle
  • Kills bacteria, fungi, molds,
    viruses, parasites, & offspring
The biological advantage of Re-Nūz Skin™ is unrivaled since there are no other products on the market that kill disease causing bacteria, while healing dry, cracked, damaged skin at the same time. This is all due to Re-Nūz Skin's ability to work on a cellular level with the natural biology of the skin.

Re-Nūz Skin™ Kills MRSA, Staphylococcus Auerus, E. Coli, C-diff, and more

A Re-Nuz Skin™ Marketing Edge

A Clear Opportunity

Over the last few years companies have tried to create antimicrobials that contain moisturizing agents to help minimize the harshness of their products. Due to the fact that their products continue to be chemical based with alcohol as the active ingredient , this has proven to be ineffective. Their products have continued to cause dry, cracked, damages skin to those working in the medical fields. Re-Nūz Skin™ is the answer to fulfill this need.

During times of economic uncertainty, the health care market continues to be a source of revenue, enabling them to continue doing business and purchase products that will improve their services. Re-Nūz Skin™ is not an added expense, but a replacement and improvement from what is already being used. Re-Nūz Skin™ is a product that receives an excellent reception in the health care field.
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